Who is Rob Elvis Wilkinson.

A little bit of background intormation on how Robert became a top Elvis tribute:

Born on 6th June 1966 and having lost his mother when he was just 6 years old he heard his father playing music. It was Elvis Presley, the song that he can remember clearly was, Don't Cry Daddy. So his father asked him if he would like to sing it, so his father set up a tape recorder and Rob sang Don't Cry Daddy which he loved.

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Robert Elvis Wilkinson

From that day on all he wanted to do was listen to Elvis, so for birthday's, christmas, etc he was bought Elvis tapes and records. As the years rolled by he found himself singing all of the songs, until he reached the age of 18, when a friend asked him to come and sing in the local pub as he knew he had a talent that shouldn't be hidden away. So that's exacty what he did and it went down a storm.

Elvis tribute was born, Rob then saved up some money and bought his own equipment and started to perform all over the place, becoming even more professional with each performance.

And now Elvis is one of the best tributes in the world, he has perfomed throughout Europe: in countries such as Spain, Turkey, Germany, France and Portugal, to name a few. Having toured around Europe he then moved on to the USA, performing at sell out gigs in New Orleans, Nashville, Memphis and has only just returned from California where he performed for none other than NASA. (now you know he's got to be good).